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Free browsing: New Settings For Glo Using Anonytun VPN

Glo Free browsing cheat has been blazing with Tweakware and Anonytun VPN for quite a while now Although Tweakware is faster and preferable but it comes with a premium serve which cost #500 monthly which is not affordable by everyone. 
Anonytun VPN had been recently been experiencing disconnection issues and this kept most Glo users from enjoying Glo with anonytun Vpn. Not to worry,  tricksbar have tweaked new settings so their viewers can enjoy this free browsing from Glo. 
  1. Glo sim
  2. A strong 3g network or 4G if available
  3. Latest Anonytun VPN

Glo Free Browsing with  Anonytun VPN 
Well, apn plays a big and major role with this anonytun app as it is the case of majority of phone, so without tweaking your apn, then there's a great tendency to be stuck with browsing with it. But don't you worry about that as we're been able to tweak some apn to make it more faster. And all thanks to one of my whatsapp group members who draw my attention to it snd he was the one that Tweaks the last two apn, kudos to @afe for his amazing work.
Proxy =blank



And here is a screenshot guidelines on the apn configuration

Anonytun New Settings 
  • Launch your anonytun app, click on stealth settings right about the above.

  • Then, here use the following settings ;
  • Connection Protocol => HTTP
  • Connection Port=> 8081, 9201, 443, 80, 8080. Choose any of the listed port.


It will bring another pop up of totally different layout settings, so here use the following configuration for it ;
  • Url/Host=>
  • Request Method=> POST
TICK Only [user agent] and leave the remaining box untick.

Hit the generate Button, it will bring up layout filled with your host using sss programming like the screenshot below illustrate it, so here you only have to click the save button on it
After doing this, now save your settings by hitting the save button at the second layout. 

Next,  Switch on your Mobile data and hit the Connect button to start enjoying Glo Free browsing with anonytun. 

Hope it work for you,  would love to hear from your via the comments.

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