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How to Deactivate Data Plans And Stop Auto Renew on All Nigerian Networks

today, I will be sharing with you How To Deactivate Data Plans And Stop Auto Renew on Airtel, Mtn, Glo and Etisalat. most of you dont know to stop or cancel auto renewal on most Networks used here in Nigeria. 

Airtel is among the top four major mobile network service in Nigeria. They offer both call and Internet service to all platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry, PC and other gadgets. Over millions of subscribers are using Airtel service for voice and data service.

Well, it is necessary for you to know how to deactivate data plans and stop auto renew on Airtel. For example, if you are Blackberry user and you want to switch to Android, iOS or Laptops Internet service then is compulsory for you to first of all, deactivate your old blackberry plans before subscribing to the new device Plans. They may be other reasons why you have to deactivate your previous plan before subscribing to new one.

In most cases, subscribers are automatically added to auto renewal feature after subscribing to data plans, this auto renewal feature makes it possible for subscribers to roll over existing data plans to other month but in the case you don't  longer want the data tariff then you have to stop the auto renewal in other for you not to pay for what you don't want.

How To Deactivate Airtel Data Plans And Stop Auto Renew

  • To cancel or deactivate all Airtel data plans + auto renew for iOS, Android and PC text STOP to 140
  • To cancel or deactivate Blackberry Internet plans text DEACTIVATE to 440
That's all you need to know.

How To Deactivate MTN Data Tariff Plans And Stop Auto Renew.

MTN offers various data plans which work on Android,PC, iOS, Blackberry and other gadgets. If you are the type that do surf the net with MTN data plans, you will as well know that MTN do automatic activate auto renewal feature in all their plans.  This auto renewal feature has make a lot of subscribers to buy plans they don't want again due to users unable or don't know how to deactivate the auto renewal features.

I will show you how to cancel MTN data plans auto renewals. Though, auto renewal have is own benefit, It helps some to roll over unused data balance to next months especially if you have intended to use their Internet service the following month.

In most cases, if you have active subscription, MTN would notify you whenever you have exceeded your data limit and they we also notify you that your data will be suspended after you exhaust the data plan. In text message MTN do send, they usually add the code to deactivate the data plan you subscribed for but I notice that most people don't even mind to check but if you have been skipping those messages, please don't skip the code am to share with you for deactivating the auto renewal feature. 


 Daily plans 
  • Text"104" to 131 [30MB for N100]
  • Text"113" to 131 [100MB for N200]
Weekly Plans
  • Text "103" to 131 [N500 for 750MB] [MTN Pulse N500 for 1GB]
Monthly Plans
  • Text"106" to 131 [N1000 for 1.5GB]
  • Text"110" to 131 [N2000 for 3.5GB]
  • Text"116" to 131 [N5000 for 10GB]
  • Text"117" to 131 [N10,000 for 22GB]
How To Deactivate MTN Data Tariff Plans And Stop Auto Renew 
  • To stop Auto- renewal of your data, you are to text NO + the code of the data to 131(All the code have been added here, see them above). For example if you have a data with code 103, to cancel  the auto-renewal, you are to text N0103 to 131 
  • To deactivate or cancel MTN BlackBerry plan (BIS), simply send NO to 21600 as text message

How To Deactivate Glo Auto-Renewal Data Plan.

Glo Nigeria offers several Internet data bundles which are compatible for phones and tablets, and other devices like Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry and other gadgets. Apart from that, Glo also offer fast 4G LTE network but it haven't circulate the whole nation, only major  cities are enjoying the 4G LTE service for now. They also have different Internet data plans for their 4G LTE data services. 

Sometimes, subscribers do finds it difficult to buy a new data plan when their existing subscriptions is about to expire or expired. This issue are cause by auto renewal feature that have been activated on the line. This auto renewal feature too have made a lot of subscribers to pay for what they don't want anymore or what they don't want to exist.

Well, if you have been having issues in deactivating your Glo line from this auto renewal feature, then this post is for you.

How To Deactivate Glo Auto-Renewal Data Plan
Yes, you can easily stop Glo from charging you for want you don't what again. To deactivate Glo auto-renewal feature, Irrespective of the type of phone you are using, type of data plan you subscribe for, you can easily remove yourself from with just a code that will deactivate you from such plans
  • To deactivate or cancel, text CANCEL and send to 127Make sure that you send the code after making a subscription, this will notify Glo from deducting your money for what you don't want again.
Guys, that's all about deactivating auto renew on your Glo line. 

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