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Google Play Services sets To Block Rooted Devices

So a couple of weeks ago, news broke that the Netflix app was blocked to Android users who were using rooted devices. The app was being hidden to users that had rooted their devices or had unlocked boot loaders.
While the move shocked many it turns out it is part of a wider plan by Google to allow Developers to decide whether their apps are to be available for users with rooted devices.

The new device catalog section of the console includes an option called “SafetyNet Exclusion,” which can be used to prevent devices that fail integrity tests or those that are not certified by Google from downloading a specific app: among these would be rooted devices and those running custom ROMs.

After the Google I/O Conference that was held last month, Google has been rolling out new features and it seems that this is a new feature to the Google Play Console.

It appears that there's a new feature that allows developers to exclude their apps from being accessible to certain devices based on certain variables. Some of these variables appear to be that if a device is rooted then app developers can lock such devices out.
However that is not all, a developer can then choose to lock out devices that have lets say 1GB RAM from accessing their apps which require 2GB RAM for them to work efficiently. So, lets say the developer creates this exclusion, the user of such a device will not find the app in the Google Play Store if they search for such an app. Got it?
Aaaaaaaannnnddd , that is how the Safety Net Exclusion works.

The reason for this Google claims is that Google needs to provide security for their developers and this is such a way.
So yes, for you users that are currently using rooted devices you might find yourself missing out on apps in the near future .
Good news is that you can always unroot your phone and the features will be available to you ... Or you can install apps from third party sources but that is a story for another day .
So there you have it ... What do you guys think on the latest developments?
As always comments are welcome below .
Cheers guys.
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