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10+ Ways to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

How To Make iPhone and Android Phone Battery Last Long

Smartphone users are often faced with the challenge of how to make their smartphone battery last long. Problems with battery usage range from fast draining, to weak battery  to battery not lasting up to expectation.

Have you had to charge your battery many times in the day? Talk about batteries of weak capacities which can be due to spoilage or the brand of the phone or battery.

This article is a compilation of the many ways to ensure your android battery last longer than expected.

Ways to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Avoid Heat
Always make sure your device or its battery is stored in a cool environment. Hot surfaces or heated rays have a way of destroying the component elements of most Lithium batteries.

Maximize Power Saving Mode
When you do not need internet access or when your battery level gets to like 40 percent, put the phone on power saving mode. This saves battery and makes it last

Screen Brightness
The brightness of your screen display carries a lot of implications when it comes to how lasting your smartphone will be. Brightness of the screen uses up almost 40 percent of battery charge. To make your battery last long, always dim your screen or enable auto brightness.

Screen Timeout
The shorter the timeout, the better for your battery. For your battery to last, every seconds is important. Keep the screen timeout between 15 seconds and below.

I know you love using bluetooth enabled hands-free to listen to music or radio on your phone. Leaving your bluetooth on for long consumes your battery more due to the extra power needed for the radio signals.

Disable GPS Tracking
Online map reading and GPS tracking should only be powered on when you need navigation services. This is because satellite and radio signals necessary for this features consumes a lot of battery.

Disable Automatic Update
Smartphones including iPhones by default are designed to keep their software components up to date. Such device try to periodically scan for new updates to their units and download updates automatically. To improve your battery stand-time, please put update option from 'Auto' to 'Manual Mode'

Disable Background App Refresh
Background App Refresh ensures that your apps are updated with the latest news and information. This is commendable because it keep both you and the app updated. The only downside is that such refresh makes considerable demand on a lot of battery power. If you do not need background app refresh it at the moment? Turn it off.

Location Services
To make your battery last very long, try to disable location service on your android. To achieve this, enable the feature to turn off location services. This option is located under the privacy settings.

App Battery Usage
It is not every app you use all the time, to know which apps consumes the most battery charge, navigate to settings, then to battery and then check out the one that uses the most battery power, it is not one that you use often, please disable it.

Camera Flash
Apart from the distracting and disruptive features of camera flash, no one looks good with a picture taken with flashes. This aside, use of camera flashes should be avoided if it is possible considering the fact that it drains your battery fast.

Do you know my phone battery can last me up to 2 days without charging? How long does your smartphone battery last? Share.

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